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Redefine your art of life – Meet your Big Five

First of all, meet the BIG Five: Your Values (Lion); Your Flexibility (Leopard); Your Motive (Rhino); Your Strength (Buffalo) and Your Emotions (Elephant). Get to know them will prevent to live a life in unhappiness, dissatisfaction and stress. It will lead to live a life in FiveStyle©, with purpose, joy and ease.

On my blog I let you have a look into my own FiveStyle©. A big value (my Lion) in my life is my nutrition. My motivation to get nutritious food is to keep my good health condition (my Rhino). I create new recipes and trust the power of nature (flexibility, my Leopard). So I use mostly organic, pure ingredients. Because of my love (emotion, my Elephant) to animals, I eat very less meat. No worries, I am not a hardcore vegan.

Keeping myself in a good mood is the purpose of my existence. Therefor i give my soul a lot of attention. Out of this I gain my strength. My happiness (strength, my Buffalo) keeps me and others going.

Meike Werner

Maybe by now, you got already the concept of the FiveStyle©. The Big Five are elements inside you, that transmit motion by means of successively engaging teeth, like gears.

I developed the FiveStyle© over the last 20 years and completed it in Kenya, where I am living since 2007. I believe without the magic of this country, its people and original nature it would not have been possible. Because the five elements I have found in the characteristics of the Big Five Animals of Africa. Of course, I had to name it after it!

My Training & FiveStyle© Retreats

I am offering trainings (online and one-to-one) for people who apparently facing tough times. Yes, its a training – because to change something means you need to get out of habits. This are the reasons which keep you where you actually don’t want to be. Therefor you need to repeat some exercises, until it becomes a new habit. And all over sudden you find yourself where you really want to be in life.

The Big Five will help you to reach the next level in life. With my help you will meet them, become aware of their power and learn how to use the power. With other words, together we will create your very own FiveStyle©. People who have less patience and need a quick remedy, sign up to my retreats. Due my retreats in the wilderness of Kenya, people completely relax. Hence they are able to get more clarity and know their next steps. Blockages, Tension and Uncertainty dissolve magically. Get out, lets have some fun and relax!

Need my help?

Do you feel like you need to change some circumstances? Are you stucked? Maybe you feel like something/somebody hurt your soul? It seems like you are off the track? Maybe you can’t keep up or you just feel so sad and you don’t know why? Than feel free to drop me a line in the comments and I will get in touch with you.